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Recalling the End: the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War


T  roup County and West Georgia faced Yankee soldiers during on April 16 and 17, 1865.   The South had actually surrendered on April 9 and Lincoln had died on April 15 but citizens in Georgia did not know these facts when Col. Oscar LaGrange and his Union troops marched into West Point.  

Using photographs of soldiers from West Georgia together with maps and letters written by soldiers to their families, this exhibit will explore the War Between the States and its effects on West Georgia.  Paintings about the war by Mort Künstler, the most famous Civil War illustrator, will be included in the exhibit.  Other items in the display include a focus on the Nancy Harts, the female militia unit organized in LaGrange; artifacts from the Battle of West Point; and the original Confederate uniform of Peyton Colquitt.

Legacy Museum on Main is located at 136 Main Street in LaGrange.  Museum admission is free of charge.  Recalling the End: the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War will be on display until May 2015. Operating hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

The images seen above are from top to bottom: A portrait of Joseph N. Hill, c. 1860, with unidentified sisters and/or neices.  Nancy Hill Morgan, the Captain of the Nancy Harts Militia, is seen in the middle image, c.1860.  The bottom image is of Colonel Peyton Colquitt wearing the coat which is currently on display at Legacy Museum on Main; photo c.1861.